Rivet Group

The Rivet Group is an Australian provider of specialised logistics, contract mining, equipment hire and maintenance and aviation services. The Group consists of Rivet Energy Aviation, Refuel International and SMS Mining Services.

Rivet Energy Aviation

Rivet Energy Aviation provides specialist technical labour and services for aircraft refuelling at Tullamarine Airport in Victoria and Adelaide Airport in South Australia. The team operates specialised refuelling equipment on the ground to refuel aircraft, and manages fuel farms at each of the sites.

SMS Mining Services

SMS offers life of mine services including equipment rental, maintenance and contract mining to the surface mining sector. It has one of the largest privately owned mining fleets in Australia and has workshops facilities in three strategically locations in Western Australia.

Refuel International

Refuel International is a global leader in the manufacturing of mobile aviation refuelling equipment. With over 50 years’ knowledge and experience, it is an expert in the field of designing and constructing the highest quality mobile aviation equipment, catering to customers’ specific needs.