Safety is a core value at Rivet and is part of everything we do.

At Rivet, our health, safety and environment responsibilities are integral to the way we do business. Rivet is committed to the continuous improvement of our HSE performance.

The fundamental belief is that all injuries can be prevented. Rivet aspires to being able to conduct its business in a manner whereby everyone returns home safe.

The Rivet approach to improving HSE is built on the pillars of:

  • Leadership; strengthening proactive HSE Leadership and engagement
  • Risk Management focus; Operational and Risk Management processes in place with focus on significant risk control / improvement
  • Engaged Employees; improving safety awareness, ownership / engagement and ‘risk mindfulness’ through improved communication and consultation
  • Functioning HSE Systems; establishing leading yet simple and practical HSE systems including verification processes

Rivet believes that:

  • Management is responsible for ensuring safe work;
  • Management is responsible for ensuring availability of adequate resources and expertise
  • Standards and risk controls are essential safeguards;
  • Training is essential to safe operations;
  • Everyone must perform work safely;
  • Consultation and Participation by everyone is essential;
  • All injuries are preventable; and
  • Safety is fundamental to our business success.