Our Businesses

Our Businesses


The Rivet Group is an Australian provider of specialised transport and logistics, equipment hire and maintenance, contract mining and aviation services.

  • Rivet Mining Services

    Rivet Mining Services provide bulk haulage and ancillary onsite service services (such as road construction and maintenance operations) to the mining services sector, as well as heavy haulage, crane hire and lifting services including transport, scheduling and route survey preparation to a range of other industries.

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    Rivet Energy

    Rivet Energy is a national provider of LPG and liquid fuel logistics, including aviation refuelling services, for global oil and gas companies in key Metropolitan centres and Interstate routes throughout Australia. With over 47 years industry experience and 290 employees, Rivet Energy offers bench mark service levels, and specialist workshops in key metropolitan locations throughout Australia.

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    SMS Mining Services

    SMS Mining Services offers an integrated service in equipment rental, maintenance and contract mining services to the surface mining sector Australia wide.

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    Refuel International

    Refuel International is one of the world’s largest and renowned designer and manufacturer of specialist fuel transfer equipment for aviation and support services. A pioneer in Quality products and solutions for specialist fuel transfer applications, Refuel International is the preferred partner of major oil companies worldwide, into plane operators and military defence organisations.

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